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Dynamo Gymnastics 

where EVERY child is a champion!

This page is designed to give you an insight into the sport we love and explain how everyone at dynamo work together to develop champion children.
This includes very important safety information, gym etiquette and tips on how to support your own gymnast.
This will help you enjoy watching your child grow and develop into a champion person!


Ten points on becoming a champion gymnast!

Always trust your coach:

They are here to help you achieve your goals and they are the ones who will help you get there. But only if you listen to what they say and do what they ask.

Remember it's about you! 

Your coaches can teach you and help you, but the only person that can do it is YOU! You will find the best gymnasts worked harder and practised most, especially when they are young and that's what made them the best!

There's no such thing as can't!

Do it, only can't do it YET! Remember that when your learning something new.

Don't be late:

The warm up is the most important part of the lesson, make sure you don't miss it!

Dress like a champion:

NO jewellery, long hair neatly tied back, smart leotard or neat fitted t-shirt and shorts, with bare feet.

NEVER talk about others:

ALWAYS support your classmates and NEVER, EVER bad mouth your coaches, they are trying to help you.

Challenge yourself:

A true champion is measured by the amount THEY improve, not by how many people they beat. So try and improve your own skills, not just beat other people, it will make you better in everything you do.

Drink plenty:

Bring water in a bottle and leave it in the changing rooms. You must drink plenty of water to keep your body up in tip top condition.

The way you act:

Outside of the gym is a reflection on you and your club so try to make a good impression! You're a gymnast and a Dynamo one at that, so always act like the champion you are.

Be respectful to others:

Being nice and always ready to help other people is the real mark of a true champion!